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Welcome to Mary Kay and to our Unit! 
You have made a very smart business decision and I am so proud of you.  Your 'someday' is NOW!  Congratulations on thinking a new thought and taking action on it.  You have just changed your future for the better.  Isn't that exciting!

As you work through MKU education available for you online through, please record your progress here.  Complete the steps on inTouch, then complete the Recognition Voucher here.  I want to be able to reward you for your diligence and tenacity because those are attributes that will help you in every area of your life.

Your Unit Information:
Unit Number:  1998
Your Director:  Sharon Carney-Wright
Your National Sales Director: NSD Mary Diem
Your Seminar Division: Diamond

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  MKU Steps Completed:  
Step 1 - Get Started
Greatness Within You
Step 2 - Golden Rule Customer Service
Step 3 How To Find Customers and Hostesses
Step 4 How To Book A Selling Appointment
Step 5 How To Conduct A Skin Care Party
Step 6 After The Skin Care Party
Step 7 The Art Of Selling
Step 8 How To Build Your Team
Step 9 Earn Your Red Jacket
Step 10 Earn Your First Career Car
Step 11 Are You Ready For DIQ
Virtual Classroom
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  The topic that I feel least confident about and would like additional assistance is:  


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